Terms Of Service

1Payment Terms100% Advance along with purchase order
2TaxesGST-18% on all products.
3DeliveryCentral Vacuum Machine, Pipes and Accessories would be dispatched immediately within one week or site ready date which ever is earlier. (All through holes in RCC to be provided by client’s civil contractor).
4ExtrasIn case of any changes on site as per execution extra requirements will be discussed billed and will be dispatched against receipt of payment.
5Site ReadinessSite clearance and coordination with other services is in client scope. If work is delayed due to site not being ready extra changes may be applied as wastager.
8PipingAll the piping will be concealed in the floor, false ceiling or walls, as per site clearance.
7ValidityThis proposal is valid for 4 weeks from the date of issue.
8WarrantyInair warrants the power unit against electrical component failure for a period of ONE(1) year. Warranty is against manufacturing defects only. Any physical or other damages not pertaining to manufacturer’s scope and consumables like Hose Pipe, Filter(s) and other accessories are not covered under this warranty.




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